Digital storytelling!!!

Whenever reading or listening to some stories incredible things are  happening in our brains.All our senses are starting to work and an imaginary world is opening before us.

We are trying to imagine all places,scenes,characters, even the  sounds and smell of certain things and everyone creates his/her own world with unique understanding and perception.

Though the mankind created films for making these images and  concepts more real  and to  transfer all these feelings and emotions to the audience still they are not proper for classroom settings due to  many  factors such as length, concept, etc. So another alternative to films  such as PowerPoint,Windows Movie Maker, other programs and applications are here for us to transform our imaginary world into more authentic  and real  one and to use these stories for classroom settings and for educational purposes.

So what is a digital storytelling and what advantages or disadvantages it has comparing to traditional paper and pen story writing . I would like to speak about advantages at first. Well, what  makes digital storytelling more enjoyable is that you have  the opportunity to combine and insert sound effects,images,even videos to make the story more impressive.

What is more important is that students can record themselves(develop their fluency and confidence in a course of time) ,create their own stories(develop creativity/ creative writing), search for additional information, negotiate ideas and collaborate with their partners.

Here is the digital story that I created ))

The Little Match Girl

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