Using Wiki-s in EFL/ESL classrooms

Day by day I am discovering a totally new  new world for me. A year or even a month ago if someone would ask me if I am familiar with  different applications or programs and if I can appropriately use them I would think for a moment and my inside voice would say that I am not. There were many things that I needed to find out, to discover and learn. To tell the truth I didn`t know where to start from. I was not even aware of such Google products as google docs, or blogs, not speaking of how to use or  moreover implement them in my classroom.

Today I am really feeling happy that we are getting acquainted with all these applications,programs,websites. I am happy because I can finally feel myself a citizen of 21st century.

One of the latest means  that we got acquainted with was Wikis. We have done some activities in two online platforms(Google Docs. and wiki). We had some fun and really enjoyed this process.I liked the task of contributing the story very much.

So when thinking of wiki spaces these are some factors that I consider to be  useful both for learning and teaching purposes.

1.The first is that wikis are really good for collaborative tasks. I liked the fact that teacher as well as the students can see to what extent someone has contributed to the assignment(in case of Google Docs). You can find it out by in the history tab. So this  means that unequal amount of work is almost impossible. This  feature is also good for classroom activities,especially when students are doing a group work and you can`t be sure if they all have been participating in  the discussion.

What I like about Google docs is that it`s  a real time communication tool. You can see what your peers are writing or editing at that exact moment so it gives you the opportunity to discuss/ add or correct  something  more quickly rather than waiting hours or days until someone will look at your word doc. or PowerPoint to tell his/her  point of view.

The only thing I don`t like about wikis is that everyone can easily edit the information. Sometimes this can make that information unreliable.Image

Overall I think that wikis have many advantages and we can use them for many useful and good purposes.

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5 Responses to Using Wiki-s in EFL/ESL classrooms

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  3. Mmankoko says:

    I support your story and good ideas that you post concerning google. Using blogs can really engage learners in group work (working collaboratively) and immediate feedback possible from a group of people.

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