Practice beyond everything. Video games and teaching impications.

My first contact with video games was at the age of 7-8. The first video game I was familiar with,was the one and only “Mario” game, my and my generation`s  source of happiness and joy, that  later became  a sweet childhood memory)).

Well later when I become older and my parents purchased a computer for me(It was some 4-5 years ago), I again returned to my childhood, I found Him, that funny little Italian man.  Mario :D.



Although the computer was mainly for entertainment, as watching online films and videos or listening to music, chatting with Friends, soon it became an learning tool.I started to use it for educational purposes as well. I started to find different websites for learning  arts, culture, or websites where I could develop my language skills.

One thing I had never done was playing games on my computer,even when I didn`t have an access to the Internet. I have never been interested in them, except for the intellectual ones(puzzles, crosswords,etc). So I found some intellectual games on Facebook(like Triviador), , etc. All of the games were engaging and fun. And every time I was learning some new things, words, facts by playing these games. I would say due to many language games I improved the skills I needed to pass my TOEFL exam. In a few weeks games helped me to increase my word stock, my concentration, accuracy,spelling.

And today I am glad that we touched the topic of video games. I was more or less familiar with video games however I discovered many  things fro myself and got more  insights about the implications of video games in classroom settings. I also enjoyed the process of playing games for my homework.

 What I consider as  more important were the  ideas expressed in all videos and articles. It was very interesting to know as for instance how video games are used to develop learners creative and innovative thinking or that video games are also considered to be some type of assessment,etc.

What I liked most about video games was the fact that they give the opportunity to realize projects, experiments in a more viable settings through virtual platforms, in 3D virtual worlds. Learners are free to experiment, to modify and design whatever they want. I liked the idea of “revealing hidden worlds to people”. As one of the authors mentioned, its much more better to show one time than to tell thousand times.So video games are perfect for this accomplishment.

I like the idea of video games being less stressful type of assessment.They give the learner  opportunities  after each failing  go back,practice, find solutions. What is different in case of video games is that they are less painful on the contrary to schooling system, as a type of assessment they are not separated from the learning process, They go hand in  hand with learning, they are getting feedback  continuously, they are getting the “language on demand”.

 In a word video games are powerful for developing creativity, innovation, problem solving, collaboration, visual thinking and many other skills to make the person competitive in 21st century.


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