Virtual (3D)Worlds. Without losing the sense of reality.


I was thinking for quite a long time as to what to write in my blog for this time as my thoughts were wandering  somewhere  between reality and virtual life trying to discover and  explore  those  new unrevealed worlds.

When thinking of virtual 3D worlds the world the film I  watched recently came to my mind.I found that there was something similar, some link between the worlds created in someone`s mind and that of in a virtual  space. The main similarity was the artificial reality. The phrase ‘artificial reality’ evoked some philosophical thoughts in my head and i completely lost myself in this post. 😀 


What was similar in these two cases; the simulation of reality. the people creating new ,non- existing worlds where they feel more confident,free and happy.

All this is wonderful, but there is one big BUT for me.Where is our sense of reality. What`s the purpose of making everything virtual, reduce the real,tet-a tet communication, to see and feel real emotions?

Lack of time, our never ending business , the accomplishment of saving the world, lack of confidence or creativity?

Why should we  find ourselves more confident or creative in someone`s  cooked-up reality?

 I have nothing against new technologies,  nor anything against all the opportunities they give, all the benefits and advantages they have.(real time communication, mobility,) But to tell the truth I am already sick and tired of all these virtual stuff,of all these social networking and everything. 

I want to see my professors`, my peers` , friends` in real life, to feel their love and support or even the hatred and jealousy in the life where all of us in fact live. In reality!!!

Enjoy this wonderful piece of music and never ever lose the sense of time and reality!!!

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