MALL(Mobile-assisted language learning)

Today i am going to speak about MALL-s.I hope that you know the definiton of MALL(mobile assisted leanguage learning), its the same as CALL(Computer -assoisted language learning) but with a slight difference, the difference is in the use of devices.

What is a MALL?

As I have already said MALL  ar similar to CALLs, however MALL means using mobile technologies such as mobile phones(smart phones), MP3-s, Ipads and iphones in language learning to increase learners`  access to learning materials and to enhance communication.

Mobile technologies such as mobile phones no longer have the same definiton and purpose of use as it was years ago.Now they are used not only for calling, but for different purposes. Especially the smartphones that provide handful of opportuinites to use various applications for  lisitening to podcasts, radio, for reading news,stories or books, making photos and sharing them via social networks or simply communicating with  your friends and peers from the university on Twitter, Facebook or Myspace.

These are just a few of those real opportunities,that I have discussed. What is more important is that we can make  use of all these applications and widgets  gathered in such a tiny device. You would say why do we need them when we have computers, laptopos. Well the word MOBILE speaks for itself. You keep the whole world in your pocket and you can acces to it wherever and whenever you want to.Isn`t it easier to take the phone out of your bag or pocket in a public transport and see what`s new on your favourite Itune channel,or continue readin that incredibly interesting ebook .Let`s make it simple,  manage  every second  and learn in a smart way 🙂


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