OER(Online Educational Resources) and MOOC (Massive open online course)


Your dream has always been to study at  a prestigious university like Harvard or Cambridge,to have the best professors teaching you, and/ or  access to the enumerous resources at a digital library of  the largest library in the world, but you realized that it will never become true.Your dream has always been to study oceanology but you have never come up with such a course in any university of you counrty.

Come on, it`s  21 st digital century,century  of millions of opportunities and your computer is not only for chatting on Facebook. Ever heard of OER(Open educational resources) or MOOCS? What`s OER or MOOC? OER are free accesible files,documents, resources that are available for anyone, they are free to share and the most important things they are useful for teaching/ learning and all that educational stuff like assessment. And what are MOOCs. They are massive open onlie courses create by the best  universities in the world, the ones you were dreaming to study at 🙂 They are also available for everyone who wants to learn and discover something new for himself.  Whats is more imoprtant  is that besides the great chance to studty these courses you can get a certificate for completing the course.And that`s will be definitely   taken into conisderation whean applying for a job. All you need is to be as responsible, organized and ready to stuty in order to complete these courses. You need to be prepared in order to pass the exams or tests succesfully. You see, everything is simple, As for myself I would like to say that I am also new to OER-s or MOOCs. I have tried to enroll myself for some courses at  Khan academy and I would say that I definitiely found what I was searching. I am really happy to be a part of  digital generation. If You too, then you would probably start with exploring some of these websites.

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