For the latest years  web 2.0 tools have been indispensable  part of   education/ learning This week we got introduced to  2 educational platforms, Learning Management System (LMS) and Personal Learning Environments and got some new insights about their differences, advantages and disadvantages.(PLE).  Today LMS and PLE are   considered as one of the essential components that have been incorporated into the field of  education and are considered one of the successful  management systems that foster collaboration and negotiation among individuals and groups.

What are LMS and PLE

You can get an  insight  about  LMS and PLE by watching this video by Stephen Downes.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDwcCJncyiw&feature=relmfu . He gives a very concise and informative explanation, states the differences and the reasons  for teaching and these two platforms are  incorporated in education . Though I was partly familiar  with both of them I really got a better understanding for now and I can easily differentiate them.

The world is changing, It`s changing rapidly. The new technologies are the best evidence of our ever changing, non consistent world. Years ago you were calling all your classmates to get an information about new lesson or homework, you were wandering through the libraries to find something related to your interests, or waiting for the next day/week to see your teacher and clarify some questions ?

Well today all this issues are solved. LMS(like  www.moodle.com, www.blackboard.com) are specially created for making the teaching/ learning more organized and manageable. And PLE( www.edmodo.com,  www.twiducate.com/ ) are created for providing y with more opportunities for self- development, for autonomous learning. Both platforms give you the opportunity of  collaboration both between individuals and groups/ institutions.

All these tools, applications, systems and platforms are fascinating. They all include great features that without any doubt will meet you needs. So do don`t  miss the opportunity to grow  w as an individual with the help of professionals. 🙂


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