Cloud Computing

Whether you are starting  a new business or you any kind of nsitution you do like to have a system that  allows you to manage and share any kind of information or data more easily. But what if you are sharing or storing a bigger data, but you are sick and tired  of installing or saving all those documents in a hardware, in  a computer.Then cloud computing is definetly for you.No installing at all,That`s something promising for the start, isn`t it ?.Cloud computing simply allows you to store everything securely  online(in the cloud.) For me personally this is the greatest advantage. I just hate installingsome new programs or apps over and over. I can access my data wherever and whenever I want to. And there is no need to take a memory stick everywhere with me.That`s about the mobility of cloud computing.

Another advantage of cloud computing is its cost-effectiveness. You are en educational insitution and you want to share your data with all of your students, but there is a need for a bigger server to keep it all. Such servers  will cost you more than you can afford and will limit the number of students or people that can access or use the program simultaneously. Cloud computing in this case is a better choice,it  allows you to reduce that large amount of expenses and use them only in extra-cases.

Of course cloud computing is not all that perfect and it has some disadvantages, like being too much Internet dependant or sometimes slower,or there maybe some privacy issues, but among these disatvantages we can clearly see the advantages of cloud computing.It`s cost effective and  economical, it`s  transparent and needs less downloading or installing.


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