Google in Education

It`s just   amazing how fast the new technologies are developing. While you are sitting in front of your computer and   trifling, every minute some great ideas are born in great human heads. Those ideas are becoming deeds, and that`s how those people create the future.

Some 25 years ago two friends were among those who make the axis of the earth change and make it rotate in other direction. They were the creators of what today is known as the best search engine in the world  G O O G L E .

The time goes on and none stands in his place. Even if you are the best company in the world you need to move on. Google is one of those companies that knows the value of time and meets the needs of its customers at its best. It`s always few steps ahead of other companies and why not ahead of time. It   creates apps and makes them feasible for any audience(be it a huge stock company, an educational institution, or just a curious/busy personality).

In this post I will try to share my experience and my thoughts about Google products and how they can successfully be implemented in   educational system, particularly in teaching English.

Well nowadays Google means something broader than just a simple yet powerful search engine. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, which one  are you familiar with?  Well, probably you are not receiving mails by carrier pigeons anymore ? I am sure you do like how  Gmail sorts all the messages for you and you don`t have to go through all of them one by one to find the one you need at hand.

Google Maps– Have you ever wondered how your house looks like from the space, or maybe you found your neighbor`s lost dog via Google maps.

 Google Docs– I bet you will like this tool more than Word document with its never changing blue interface. Or you are lost and you can`t find the required word document to send it to your peers or instructor. No worry, they are there, on Google Docs, waiting for you to make suggestions and comments on whatever you have done.

You are a student, instructor or a researcher and the reading(especially articles) is inseparable  part of your daily life. Then you should certainly know about Google Scholar and Google Books.

You are extremely   busy and always need someone to remind of something important to you? Even if you friends forget to invite you to a birthday party, Google Calendar is always a reliable shoulder to put the head on. You will certainly know when is you friends birthday now. Buy some daisies and go to your friend`s birthday, amuse him/her 🙂

I thinks my post turned out to be something more of a fun than a serious post about educational implications of Google Docs. Well, I have something for you to watch.Image

And one more thing, if you cannot come with ideas to create something incredible to wow the world, there are always ones created you can make a succesful use of. Just be open-minded!!!





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