This post is supposed to be the last one in the frames of my course called New Technologies. Yes the last one for this course,but not the last at all. My  blogging has started some few months ago due to the above mentioned course. During this course I`ve learned a lot,not only blogging. It`s amazing to explore new digital world with all its fancy entrances and exits. I was just amazed as every week i was discovering a totally new  world  I was not aware of before. This course was undoubtabley the best course I`ve ever had. It gave a chance to dive into the depths of new technological seas, to see everythingand especially education in a new light. We got acqainted with  many fascinating tools that can be implemeted into teaching/ learning process, that can create so many opportunites for learners, for digital generation. We gained invaluable experience and became more confident, technically more literate,skillful and ready to  be the change we want to see. I am glad that now I am more informed about new approaches in teaching,about the implemetation of new technologies in teaching/learning process. I am grateful not only to my instructo but also to my peers who shared their experiences with me.I am sure that  I will be able to use and share my knowledge with those who need it.I am looking forward to the opportunites when I will be able to use all these tools to make the learning for my students more enjoyeble and meaningful . With great pleasure I will use Google products, I will use podcasts, OERs to provide with meanigful, authentic imput, I will use video and audio production tools to enhance my students creativity, blogs to enhance their critical thinking and increase the sense of ownership.There is no one simple tool that I prefer more to others. All of them are unique and wholesome.

It`s always ideas that matter,,don`t hesitate, press that little button and make your ideas flow all over the New World 🙂



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