For What and for Whom Is Our Research? The Ethical as Transformative Lens in Instructed SLA: L. Ortega ()

When planning to conduct a research we always concentrate on research methodology and on our  own implications of a certain research ,never paying more attention to ethical issues. Many researchers, especially the so called teacher-researchers who are new to the field may be “ignorant” to  nuts and bolts of research ethics considering facts more important than values. Thus according to Ortega(2005) in order to be a truly  ethical researcher one should definitely know what the research is for and  who the research is conducted for, who it is addressed to and who benefit from that particular research.Ortega highlights three important principals that will ensure  really ethical research to take place; value free research, epistemological diversity and the social utility of research. Among these factors the most important one for me is to conduct a value free research,meaning that the researchers will work taking into consideration the societal and educational factors rather than their r own thoughts and beliefs. Though a totally value free research is  not truly possible because of some level of subjectivity in every research.. Another important issue in research that is essential and that hadn`t been taken into consideration across years is  the so called “crisis of native speaker”. The concerns about this phenomenon is that throughout years the participants of different studies have been native speakers , and thus  put other populations in the shade.

So  to sum up I would like to again  highlight the importance of presence of values in every research , we should clearly know what, who and how our research addresses important issues in our society and especially in educational contexts.

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