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If Only….

I won`t start  this last post with the words “this Week” or “the article discusses”, neither will I share my thoughts on what I  think on this or that topic…I`ll share one of my favourite authors` thoughts instead…They are much more … Continue reading

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Assessed Levels of Second Language Speaking Proficiency & Error‐Tagged EFL Learner Corpus

Authors;Assessed Levels of Second Language Speaking Proficiency: How Distinct?-N. Iwashita(2008) Capturing L2 Accuracy DevelopmentalPatterns: Insights From an Error‐Tagged EFL Learner Corpus- J. Thewissen(2012)   After reading these two articles then having them discussed  in the class I found some similarities between them, thus decided to express  my … Continue reading

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The Effects of Repetition on Vocabulary Knowledge; Ph. Durrant(2009)

Have you ever experienced “tip of tongue” diligently trying to remember the exact word or have you ever experienced a situation when looking at the word you realized that you looked  its meaning in the dictionary  thousand times , yet cannot remember … Continue reading

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Investigating the viability of a collocation list for students of English for academic purposes: P. Durrant(2009)

For this week our discussion topic was academic collocations. Throughout years many professionals in the filed tried to create  lists/ strings of collocations that would be used by EAP students. However their attempts to do that failed in most cases. This is because of … Continue reading

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Balancing Content and Language in Instruction: The Experience of Immersion Teachers; L. Cammarata(2007)

One of my favorite articles we have discussed so far. The article interested me as it discussed bilingual pedagogy in immersion programs and also included  the experiences of immersion teachers . First of all it would be reasonable to define … Continue reading

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We are living in an era of rapidly changing  technologies, and are witnessing substantial changes because of integration of those technologies in every sphere . Some may consider this technological revolution as a significant achievement of mankind, whereas for some … Continue reading

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The Impact of Physical Environment on Learning: Building Schools for the Future

It seems like we always forget to pay more attention to those minor yet crucial details that may have a greater impact on our personality,mood or attitude. You don`t have to know everything about Feng Shui to realize that every single thing in the room, the color … Continue reading

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Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom, A Pedagogy for Learning and Teaching; A. Creese, A. Blackledge(2010)

This article discusses one of the most controversial issues in Applied Linguistics, bilingual pedagogy, whether to use or avoid using  second language(native) other than English in classroom,or how to balance the use of these two languages so that the  acquisition … Continue reading

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For What and for Whom Is Our Research? The Ethical as Transformative Lens in Instructed SLA: L. Ortega ()

When planning to conduct a research we always concentrate on research methodology and on our  own implications of a certain research ,never paying more attention to ethical issues. Many researchers, especially the so called teacher-researchers who are new to the field may be … Continue reading

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The Contribution of Written Corrective Feedback to Language Development; Ten Month Investigation; J. Bitchener, U. Noch

Written Corrective Feedback or simply WCF The combination of these three words is chasing me since I was admitted to AUA. If my memory doesn`t fail me we discussed this topic almost during  every  course that we covered. Hencebefore reading the article I … Continue reading

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